Mis’ Rubin’s Seasonings

Gift Box Includes 1 each

  • 5 oz bottle of Black Magic
  • 5 oz bottle of White Magic
  • 5 oz bottle of Fish Magic
  • 5 oz bottle of Creole Magic

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Mis’ Rubin’s Seasonings

Black Magic has been in high demand for over eight decades and still draws people in for the perfect steak – or as Mis’ Rubin used to say – “the best steaks this
side of heaven.”

White Magic is delicious on almost ANYTHING! It enhances your chicken, pork, and fish dishes. Also a great complement tableside; use generously on pasta, salad, and veggies.

Fish Magic is your best choice when blackening or grilling fish. It can also be used to spice up any seafood dish whether grilled, sautéed, or boiled.

Creole Magic is our “go to” seasoning for those who want a little more “kick.” Make it a key ingredient in gumbo, red beans, and stews OR as a dry rub for chicken and seafood dishes.